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Hello everyone! This is my long awaited photo gallery! Well, i still dun have a scanner but juz took this photo's right out of my fren's homepage! Well, juz in case u're wondering which one is me....mi is the 2nd guy from the right in the smallest picture. The rest, u all onsell find lah! Shouldn't be too difficult, xept for the photo where our class made the 4A3 on the track! Hee, dats in the class homepage. Well, i'll try to get more photos....these bunch were worth the wait, duncha think?

At the back of the classroom. From left: Bruce, Lionel, MI!!!!, Mingguang, Roy, Jason, Weihow, Gongwei, Alex, Adrian

Mi at mi fren's(Roy) place celebrating his b'dae....dun ask mi, i also dunno y my face look so red....

Mi and my frens staying over at Roy's place after his party....juz look at the time, 3:17am!!! Well, dat was juz the start actually, for most of us din sleep that nite!

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