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NAME: Teo Keng Heng Leonard

B'DAY: 13th Aug 1981

FAVOURITE HOBBY: play Magic cards!!

OTHER HOBBIES: soccer, basketball, bowling, billard 
               play computer games(current favourite 
               is FFVII), chat on irc and icq, watch  
               movies and zhuo bo(not sure how to 
               spell but it means to laze around
               and do nothing!) [=)

FAVOURITE FOOD: err...dunno, pizza, maybe?

FAVOURITE MOVIES: titanic, armageddon, trumann show....

FAVOURITE MUSIC: boyzone, 911, bsb, daniel chan,
                 sammi cheng

PET PHRASES: leh chey lah!(which means troublesome), 
(currently)  eh...hou seh boh?(when greeting pple..), 
             oso YO!!!


HI! I'm Leonard! Welcome to my homepage. I'm juz a CUTE and LOVABLE guy from Temasek Junior College(TJC). I am now 17 yrs old and on the left r 2 examples of wat i look like! heehee, no lah, juz kidding....there R pictures of me(real photos i mean!) on my homepage so continue viewing my page for more gd stuff!!!

Well, i have the last 4 years of my life studying in St. Joseph's Institution(SJI fr 1994-1997)!! Before dat, i studied in St. Stephen's Primary School and i managed to sqeeze in SJI wif a PSLE score of 233. My O lvls were fantastic(actually they were quite fluke, i nber expected them to be so gd). I had 8 pts plus a -2 bonus for ECA -- NCC(Air) so here i am in TJC!!! Actually my prelims score represents my true standard(16 pts) so i spent my 1st three months of jc life in Catholic Junior College(CJC). seems such a long time ago now, and although it's not where u can really gain acedemically, the atmosphere is really fantastic and i miss all the good times i spent wif frens there...well, anyway, for those frens of mine who r seeing this...hope we keep in touch and stay 2gether k??? frens 4eva!!! =p As u all can probably see by now...i'm the shack type who dun studee and i'm currently struggling to cope wif STRESS in TJC. Yes...STRESS!~!~!~! Now i'm currently taking 3 A lvl subjects(chem, bio, maths c...i dropped econs) and have 2 ECAs(rock climbing and soccer). PROMOS R OVER!!!! yeah!! hooray...CELEBERATE!!! LalaLaaAHh 3 cheers!!!! happie liaoz! wat makes me even happier iz mi PASS!!! can PROMOTE liaoz!!! wahaha...YEAH!! hooray...CELEB...oops...lets not get carried away now...haha. Anywae...hope every1 else having exams do well oso!! Esp to all frens from CG19/98!!!! Hope all of us get promoted and stay 2gether ok??? itz a GREAT class!!!

Well, i'll try to update my homepage as often as i can on all the latest happenings! Although i wun be online so often nowadays as i dun have the time. Furthermore, my skool account is ending so i wun have unlimited access to the internet for those of u who noe me thru irc or icq...i hope we can keep in touch by e-mail add. is, by the way, pls take a few minutes to sign my guestbook, thanx! =

My Snazzy List of Links

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ALAN SHEARER PAGE: not dat he's my fav player or anything, juz dat this page waz created by my fren so i decided to put it up here or his effort will go to waste...
juz thinkin of ya: this page is dedicated to all u frens...thanx for visiting!!
JOKES!!!: stressed?? need a laff?? here's where u go!!

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