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My Top Priorities!

Athena Chu Yan(zhu ying)
yong2 yuan3 di ou3 xiang4!
zhang xue you(Jacky Cheung)
the man wif THE POWERFUL VOCALS!!!
1 of my favourite boybands!!! they're great~
BEAN'S Homepage
Yes! The funny man himself! Mr. BEAN!
chen xiao dong(Daniel Chan)
Yes! U guessed it! Another Idol of mine! My fave singer actually
The Backstreet Boys! Don't u juz luv them...
yup, don't u juz luv them too....
The world's most lovable cat!

Leonard Teo
Blk 735 Bedok Reservoir Road #10-5302
Singapore 470735


Ok, juz a few more things to add! Firstly, i am a catholic though not an active one. And, as u all probably noe by now, i look like DAVID BECKHAM! No lah, just kidding! I am the average looking Singaporean who is 1.7m tall, the right weight(forgot wat liao) and quite tanned. I wear contact lenses and have brown hair(well, at least i have brown hair now!). I also have a mole on the left cheek and a few pimples. Haiyah, y dun u go see me yurself at my Photo Gallery Heehee, i'm still unattached and available! Finally, to contact me,

Pg: 92614322

Also can look for me in IRC! Usually on #temasekjc channel, nick iz De|Piero^ using galaxynet server. Mi also on the ICQ network, UIN 2616228....see ya around!

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